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Well I watched it...the series finale..cried like a baby...geez it's so sad that Jenn died.    I still don't understand why they even had to do that.  But it always makes me happy to see that Pacey and Joey ended up together..which is the only reason that I watch it lol.  And I like that Jack and Doug live happily ever after too :)

Gavin fell down the stairs again today...scared me half to death!  I was right behind him and I saw him trip and I went to grab him but he put his hands out in front of him, like you would if you were on a flat surface, and ended up flying face first onto the landing.  I thought sure he snapped his neck or something but fortunately he was ok!  He knocked the wind out of him and so he was really scared because he couldn't breathe.  My poor baby :( He's had a rough day.  I brought him into my room to watch a movie and calm down and he goes "this is gonna be an early night for me mommy, I'm havin' a bad day" all forlorn.  Aww my poor sweetie. 

I'm making dinner right now and then I'm going to set up their geotrax so that they can play with those for a bit before bed.  I don't think either of them took a nap today..so it probably WILL be an early night for both of them..I figure around 7pm.  Which will be nice, I got some new books from the library and now I really just want to sit down and read tonight.  I'm reading this one now that's called "Dingo" by Charles de Lint and it's pretty good so far.  It's YA but I usually like YA books because they are light and airy reads.  I did get one that was regular adult fiction though..called "the other side of darkness" which seems really interesting ...I got five in all and I can't wait to read them all!!! :)

I also have plans to take a nice long bubble bath tonight and just relax..and finally shave my legs.  I don't even want to think about how long it's been since I've had a chance to do that...ew. 

Then, tomorrow is my "Friday" because I have off Wed-Fri this week..YAY :)  And then when I get back to work Saturday night it'll be a new month..which will be good..I'll be all refreshed and have new teams to work with...another YAY!

Ok well dinner is beeping at me that it's done so I should go take it out of the oven before we have burnt dinner!

I can't wait to watch that new show "True Beauty" on ABC.  It seems like it will be entertaining.  I can't stand how superficial some people are and it will be funny to watch them go on and on about how "beautiful" they are all the while just losing their chances at making it anywhere in that contest because of what vain asses they are. 

Anyway..moving on..

Gavin came downstairs tonight and he was all loopy because I think he fell asleep for a few minutes and then woke back up.  He gets so silly when that happens.  He goes ..

Gavin: mommy! I need you to do something for me!
me: you need me to do something for you?
gavin: yes I do! I need you to do something for me right away!  I came down here because I woke up and I had no show!
me: oh no!
gavin: and I didn't wake my dad..I came all the way down the stairs and got you and I was so quiet, I tip-toed all the way and I was soooo quiet when I passed by his door cos I don't want to disturped him!

He's so cute..I was surprised that he remembered to be quiet. MIke works nights and he works in our playroom/office and that's upstairs so I usually tell Gavin to make sure that he's quiet and comes down to get me if he needs help with something.  I just loved the animated way that he talked tonight.  He's such an adorable kid :)  I also love how he calls us "my dad" and "my mom" when he's talking to ANYONE else.  Even if it's like his brother or sister or someone who obviously knows who he's talking about if he says "daddy" or "mommy".  He always tells Lucas "go ask my mom" or "my mom said I could".  So cute. 

Lucas went to sleep early tonight..which is good..he needed an early night.  Hopefully he sleeps well tonight now too, he gets so cranky when he doesn't have enough sleep.  Gee I wonder where he gets that from @.@  He was relatively well behaved tonight though, it was Gavin who was crazy.  Gavin has been acting as if he's in a video game or something and he like hops and jumps and kicks everywhere as if he's kung fu panda.  He only has the vsmile and that's educational and all that but I don't know..I can't get it through his head that he can't act like that in the house.  I think he needs some more outside time.  Thing is it's just so cold or rainy or gross out lately.  I can't wait for spring.  I hate when the days get dark so early too..we don't get to go for our walks.  I miss walks.  It was nice to get out of the house.    Working at home is awesome but I can go almost an entire week without going outside even for a second...it's kind of scary.  Maybe I should start taking a walk on my break or something...

Well I'm going to try to find something interesting to watch on tv I guess.  Or maybe I'll play my DS.  I want to relax because I NEEEDD an early night..even more desperately then Lucas did!
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